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Archibald Siberians was established in 1998.  I started with one female and added my first male in early 1999.  Since then our family has grown.


The Siberian breed caught my eye and captured my heart after months of looking into pedigreed cats.  After many years of owning wonderful shelter kitties it was a difficult choice to find the right cat for my family.  I had always liked the look of the forest cats such as the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cats, but just couldn't make a decision with hundreds of breeders to choose from.  A friend of mine told me about the Siberian that she had read an article about.  I fell in love with the breed after doing some research and talking to several breeders.  They were PERFECT!  Just the kind of cat I wanted, personable, easy to care for, healthy and just plain beautiful!   

The Siberian breed is a medium to large cat that is very loving, playful and gentle.  Their fur varies in length and is easy to maintain.  They are great family members, getting along well with children and other pets.  All of my kittens are born and raised with the family.  By the time they leave our home they are quite adapted to having lots of Children and Adults of all ages (age 4 and up) around them as well as the other cats, kittens, our two Great Danes and of course our ferret as well.   That way they are very well socialized and take a very short time to adapt to a new home. 

Each kitty will have it's own personality.  Most are loving lap cats that love to be pampered and brushed, while a few others like to dwell on the arm of the chair right near you.  Most are softly vocal using chirps and purrs to get attention.  I do have a talker though.  He likes to make his presence known.  I hope you will enjoy this site.  Take a look around at the pictures and information.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me.       

Laura Steenberg                                                               

 Keokuk, Iowa 319-524-2023     Email:    

Proud to be a Marine Mom - Semper Fi         His Purple Heart!

Deployed to Iraq August 15, 2006 til March 2007.  He was deployed again on the USS Davenport with an amphibious raid detail.  He is now home safe and sound!!! 


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